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Jipek Joli

Nukus, Uzbekistan, 742000
4 Rzaev Str.

Rooms & Rates
VIP Twin$125
VIP Triple$125
Deluxe Double$93
Deluxe Triple$112
VIP Single$75
Delux Single$62
Semiluxe single$43
Semiluxe double$81
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The Jipek Joli Hotel is located in the center of Nukus, right next to the famous Savitskiy Art Museum. This nice hotel is built and decorated in national Karakalpaki style. Its twenty comfortable rooms are all doubles, with fine decor. There are also two suites. Some of the rooms are equipped with private bathrooms.

Inside the hotel there is a souvenir and handcrafts shop. Attentive and dutiful staff is there to meet your needs.

Nearby attractions
Art Museum after Savitskiy

Photos of Jipek Joli
Double room in Jipek Joli Hotel
Double room in Jipek Joli Hotel
Wall decoration
Wall decoration
Regular double in Jipek Joli
Regular double in Jipek Joli
Room amenities
Room amenities
Yurt in the yard of Jipek Joli
Yurt in the yard of Jipek Joli

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