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    Entrance of the Museum
    State Museum of Applied Art of Uzbekistan was founded in Tashkent in 1937 to exhibit items of Uzbek art and folklore, and handcrafts.

    Founded in 1937 on the basis of a temporary exhibition of handcrafts, the museum received its exhibits from varios sources. Its over four thousand exhibits are revealing the history of decorative arts of Uzbekistan: woodcarving, pottery, blockprinting, art, jewelry, gold embroidery, items made by local industry.

    History of the museum building

    Photo of the Museum of Applied Art in Tashkent

    Until the beginning of XXI century, the museum was located in the former palace of a Russian diplomat A. Polovtsev.

    The building istelf is a bright example of architectural and decorative arts. Built in late 19th century, its architectural decoration, ganch carving, wood carving and painting was carried out by Uzbek folk artists: T. Arslankulov Usta, A. Kazymdzhanov (Tashkent), Usta Shirin Muradov (Bukhara), Usta A. Palvanov (Khiva), Usta, Abdullah (Rishtan).

    During the First World War in this building Austrian POWs were kept.

    In the 20-s of 20th century after the Bolshevik's revolution the building hosted an orphanage until mid-thirties. Since 1938, a museum was organized here. In 1941 and 1961 the building underwent restoration.

    Nowadays, this museum is a must-to-see sight for visits of foreign tourists as it contains a vast collection of Uzbek handcrafts of which many are very well usable in domestic life such as suzannis (wall covers), cushions, jewelry etc.

    Museum of Applied Art - decorated halls