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    Smoking and non-smoking rooms
    (30 Jan 2009)
    What is to be expected when you ask for a non-smoking room

    Is Internet a luxury in Uzbekistan?
    (5 Jan 2009)
    Why only few hotels provide full access to Internet?

    Historical overview
    (22 Dec 2008)
    How the hotel sector was developing in Uzbekistan

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    Affiliate Program

    Russian version
    Our affiliate program allows owners of various Internet resources to receive income being a part of the Uzhotels.Net, a hotel booking system in Uzbekistan.

    What's in it for me?
    The participant to the affiliate program will receive a commission for each successful booking through the Uzhotels.net system. The amount earned may vary from 1% to 2% of the total booking amount.

    How it works
    The participant should publish one of the options of the affiliate code (regular HTML, requires no programming skills) on his/her website. The potential hotel's client who landed in your page, will click on the banner, go to the website of Uzhotels.Net and make a booking. Our system provides an opportunity to pay for the hotel stay with credit card. A certain percentage of the booking amount is then paid to you as the affiliate.

    Options of the code and banners
    At this moment we have four options of the code:

    Option 1 - big hotel booking banner

    Option 2 - small banner

    Option 3 - regular link

    Book this hotel online

    Option 4 - main page banner

    How do you track my booking?
    Any lead from your website using the link is registered by our system. Moreover, even if the client does not make the booking immediately, but, for example, in three days, and not the hotel he had chosen at first, but some other hotel from Uzhotels.Net, anyway this booking will be registered by our system. For example, the client clicked on the link to Hotel A from your website, then changed his mind and booked and paid for hotel B a week later. Not to worry! You will receive the commission any way.

    All bookings received from your website are reflected and can be seen in your account. At any time you can check what amount of the commission has been accrued.

    What is needed to participate?
    You need to have a website or websites where you put banners or links. Then, you need to register at Uzhotels.Net (see Registration). Then, inside your account, obtain the code for one or several hotels (each hotel has its own code). Then you should place this code in the appropriate part of your website. That's it! Then you sit and observe as the accrued commission is growing in your account.

    How are payments made?
    At this moment we have the following methods to pay you your commission:
    1. Via Uzbek Post - for soums, their charge of 6% exclusive.
    2. Western Union, Быстрая Почта etc. for dollars, minus their own commission.
    3. Through Webmoney - WMZ (see www.webmoney.ru, with limitations based on availability of WMZ in our system)