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    Smoking and non-smoking rooms
    (30 Jan 2009)
    What is to be expected when you ask for a non-smoking room

    Is Internet a luxury in Uzbekistan?
    (5 Jan 2009)
    Why only few hotels provide full access to Internet?

    Historical overview
    (22 Dec 2008)
    How the hotel sector was developing in Uzbekistan

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    Hotels in Bukhara see all hotels in Bukhara (30)

    Bukhara Palace
    Sgl:$68 Dbl:$100

    Sgl:$56 Dbl:$68

    Amelia Boutique
    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$62

    Hovli Poyon
    Sgl:$37 Dbl:$50

    Amulet Madrassah
    Sgl:$37 Dbl:$62

    Royal Garden
    Sgl:$56 Dbl:$68

    Sgl:$31 Dbl:$50

    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$62
    >> see more hotels in Bukhara

    Hotels in Samarkand see all hotels in Samarkand (27)

    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$62

    Sgl:$55 Dbl:$77

    Grand Samarkand
    Sgl:$61 Dbl:$93

    Samarkand Plaza
    Sgl:$87 Dbl:$109

    Orient Star Samarkand
    Sgl:$50 Dbl:$80

    Sgl:$33 Dbl:$42

    Panorama Grand
    Sgl:$56 Dbl:$87

    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$62
    >> see more hotels in Samarkand

    Hotels in Tashkent see all hotels in Tashkent (23)

    Le Grande Plaza
    Sgl:$93 Dbl:$81

    Sgl:$68 Dbl:$81

    Tashkent Palace
    Sgl:$118 Dbl:$143

    Sgl:$112 Dbl:$137

    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$56

    Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent
    Sgl:$150 Dbl:$187

    Sgl:$187 Dbl:$220

    Sgl:$90 Dbl:$112
    >> see more hotels in Tashkent

    Hotels in Termez see all hotels in Termez (3)

    Termez Intourist
    Sgl:$n/a Dbl:$n/a
    Hotels in Fergana see all hotels in Fergana (2)

    777 Club Hotel
    Sgl:$50 Dbl:$81

    Asia Fergana
    Sgl:$47 Dbl:$75
    Hotels in Khiva see all hotels in Khiva (12)

    Orient Star Khiva
    Sgl:$55 Dbl:$80

    Sgl:$18 Dbl:$37

    Islambek I
    Sgl:$25 Dbl:$37

    Islambek Khiva
    Sgl:$31 Dbl:$43

    Sobir Arkanchi
    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$62

    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$62

    Shaherezade Khiva
    Sgl:$n/a Dbl:$75

    Sgl:$27 Dbl:$50
    >> see more hotels in Khiva

    Hotels in Shakhrisabz see all hotels in Shakhrisabz (1)

    Orient Star Shakhrisabz
    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$105
    Hotels in Urgench see all hotels in Urgench (2)
    Hotels in Nukus see all hotels in Nukus (1)

    Jipek Joli
    Sgl:$43 Dbl:$81

    Easy online booking of any hotel in Uzbekistan with cheap prices. We offer a wide selection of hotels, B&B, resorts and other accommodation options so that you can find what suits your needs best. A full description with photos, rates, amenities and facilities available in the accommodations in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Fergana and other cities of Uzbekistan is provided. You can book instantly, pay with a credit card, and track your reservations online in real time.

    Our online booking system allows you to pick the lodging option based on their name, star rating, price, as well as editor assigned rank. The list of properties is constantly reviewed, modified and added, so that you are kept up-to-date about the latest developments in the industry.